Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Journal Omnibus

R.a.n.t. of week 02/11/18
So I've started a new project. Not sure if the correct word is ambitious, but it's interesting none-the-less. I have embarked on bringing all my journals and web entries to one place. You see, I've been journal writing since 1984. Can you believe that? The first eight or nine years, the entries were entirely hand written. A few years ago, I embarked on the task of writing these entries into the computer. A task I concluded, to some degree or another. I tried to keep all misspellings in-tact. Sort of a way to see how my writing has improved over the years (if at all).

Most recently, I've started entering all these previous journal entries to a private journal writing website. It's safe and secure, so I have been having fun entering them and reliving old times. Additionally, I've been groaning at some of the idiotic things I have written or done, and with the new site, adding tags to each entry. Now with just a click of the button, I can check how many entries I wrote about my old friend Patrick, my most recent friend Brandon, my sons Caleb and/or Tristan or even places I've been to such as London or the times I've mentioned Doctor Who. It's really kind of exciting to me.

While creating this Omnibus, I pondered including all of my writes. Certainly my rants are not exactly journal writing. Mostly because I share my rants with the world. But then I got to thinking, I should include my writes. Though I do more writing about people and things I've done in my journal writing, my rants express all things about me. Things I like and don't like. So I ultimately decided they were perfect for my omnibus. But how should I include them? Should I squeeze them in as journal fillers during the different journals of mine? Or make them a completely thing all-together. After much internal debate, I have come to conclusion they will be added to my journal omnibus as a separate thing entirely. Most likely though, I will include various other blog entries. Will the entire Omnibus be made public? Unlikely. However I will make any new r.a.n.t. articles available here. So, that's something.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Gaming A-Z

R.a.n.t. for month of April
I know it's been a while since I've posted. To be honest, I've been in kind of a funk.
I feel like my writing is not all that great, and I've not been very motivated to do much writing.
But I miss it, and I wanted to let everyone know I'm still around, just laying low for awhile.
It's possible I will be back. I also want to let everyone who stopped by my last post and left a comment, that I am sorry I never got back to you with a reply. I shall endeavour to get back to everyone, at least by stopping by their blog and saying hi.

What sucks the most for me now, I'm missing a feature I got involved in two years ago; the A-Z posting in April. So I have decided to do at least one post this month, and see where I go from here.

Enough blah, blah. Since I am missing the April A-Z which I love so much, I will include a fun (I hope) A-Z in this post. This is the proposed A-Z I was planning for this year. Perhaps, I will use this next year and expand on it, if indeed, I get back to writing. Once again, thanks for stopping by.

Jeffrey Scott's A-Z favourite games

A is for Angry Birds
Type: Computer
A fun game I love to play to kill time.

B is for Boss Monster
Type: Card Game
My son asked me to get this.
Essentially, you are the boss of a side scrolling video game (and yet it's a card game. Go figure).
Your goal is to make the hardest castle for the other players to battle. Can you make sure they die in your dungeon before you die trying to run theirs?

C is for Carcassonne
Type: Tile Game
The object is to lay down tiles to form the best kingdom possible. Included on each tile is either a city, a road and/or a field. Each tile interconnects with one another. Depending on how you lay down the tiles, you can score more points. Use your "meeple" to indicate which city, road or field is yours. At the end of the game, the person with the most points, wins the game.

D is for Dealers Choice
Type: Card/Board Game
You are the owner of a sketchy car lot. Your goal is to pawn off your crappy cars to potential buyers.
But beware, you may accidentally sell a classic car worth more than you realize. As the game progresses, you also have to shop around at the other car lots. Will you get a deal? Or will you, yourself, get stuck with a lemon?
This is a classic game from the 70's that was always a family favourite. I recently purchased it online to play once again.

E is for Expansions
Type: Various
Expansions is not a game in itself. An expansion is actually an add-on to a previously released game.
Generally for card games, it also can add on to existing board games.
As an example, one of my favourite games, Dominion, is a card game with a base set of cards. The goal is to score the most points by collecting cards with Victory points on them. But to help you acquire those, you can purchase additional money or action cards. Each card help in a unique way. With the expansion, you have a greater set of cards to select from.
Buying an expansion is a great way to enhance a game you love, but is not required to purchase if you are not fond of the game. The core game is playable by itself.

F is for Firefly the Game
Type: Board Game with Miniatures placed on a galactic map.
Based on the Cult Classic TV show. In Firefly, you are the captain of your of ship. There are different game winning goals, can you be the first person to complete the winning goal before other captains? Fly around the 'verse, hire crew, take on odd jobs, and win the game. But keep on your toes and don't let the Reavers capture you.

G is for Gammarauders
Type: Card Game / Board Game
You live in a time after a horrific atomic war. Large creatures have mutated. Fortunately, you have captured one of these creatures and you must battle other bioborg to gain control of the world. Cards included in the game, give your bioborg grafted weapons, which will help insure you can defeat the other mutated monsters. As an older game, this was one of the first games I ever found that broke out of the pure 'board' game format.

H is for Heroclix
Type: Miniature
Heroclix is a game with miniatures of your favourite super heroes. Each minature has a card that tells you how to use it. Each miniature is different, i.e. it has different super powers. Your goal is to fight a rival super hero team. Can your heroes/villains defeat your opponents heroes/villains?
Depending on the version you buy, you can be either DC or Marvel heroes. There are also Star Trek type ship battles available, and a few other interesting versions. This game relies heavily on expansions.

I is for Intellivision
Type: Video Game Console
Back in the time when not everyone owned a video game console, my family owned the Intellivision game console. This was awesome at the time. The graphics were far superior to that of the Atari 2600 and there were even a few games that could TALK!!! Can you believe that? I video game system where you could actually hear it talking to you? One of my favourite games was called 'Space Spartans'. It was like Star Wars. It was simply amazing. As you flew through space fighting wave after wave of tie-fighter type ships, the computer would let you know when your ship was damaged, which feature was damaged and how far repairs were progressing. This was no side-scrolling game. It was simply jaw-dropping. To this day, I would play it if I were to find it.

J is for Jenga
Type: Family Game
I think most people I know have actually played this game at one time or another. The goal is simple. Take a piece from the bottom of this wooden structure, and place it at the top of the structure without making the entire structure fall over. The person who makes the tower fall, loses the game.

K is for Kerplunk
Type: Family Game
This was another of my favourites growing up, though we never owned it. Probably a good reason for that. The game was a cylinder tube with sticks poking through the tube. On top of all the sticks, were a pile of marbles. Each player in turn would remove one of the sticks, releasing more and more of the marbles below. The person who released the most marbles lost the game. AS you can imagine, it could be a very loud game to play at times. Especially when you have five other siblings and a mother and father who simply wanted some quiet.

L is for Love Letter
Type: Gard Game
This is a real quick game. The goal is to end the game with the highest point value card. Each card allows you to do something different. Change cards with another player, discard your lowest point value card, play a card to make you immune from other attacks. The possibilities are endless. The game is fast paced and you can complete a game in under ten minutes. A great filler game to play during a family game night.

M is for Mad Magazine
Type: Board Game
This game is a spoof of Monopoly. As you might imagine, Mad Magazine is played in a ridiculous way. The object of this game is to be the first person to LOSE all your money. That's right. You don't want to win. The player who wins this game, actually loses and the player who loses, actually wins the game. Can you lose all your money before everyone else? Be careful, you might be on the verge of losing all your money, when you are suddenly forced to either exchange money or even change your seat (leaving your money) with another player. Cards and stunts you perform can also help you lose more money.

N is for No Man's Sky
Type: Video Game
This is a new game released last year. It's a space exploration game. The goal is to get to the centre of the universe and explore the galaxy. As a procedurally generated game, each planet you visit is slightly different. From planet to planet the flora and fauna you discover changes. Also, each planet has different minerals you can mine. As you continue to explore, you can enhance your starship, find a better starship and build a home base. It's a great time waster and is essentially a solo game with little to no interaction with other players.

O is for Once Upon a Time
Type: Story Telling / Card
This is a very unique game. The goal of the game is to tell a fairy tale, utilizing the cards you have drawn. Every player has a specific card telling them how the story should end. As you play the game, others can interrupt your story (with specific cards) which will allow them to continue the story in hopes of finishing the story the way they need to. Each player also have specific elements they need to add to the story before they can conclude it. One player may need to make sure a dragon is included in the story, another player may need to make sure a room full of gold is found somewhere in the story, or a wicked step-mother or... well, you get the point.

P is for Pizza Party
Type: Dice
Another quick game. The goal is to completely fill a pizza pie with all the required toppings. The first person to do so, wins. Each die depicts different toppings to put on your selected pizza. To match the toppings on your pizza, you must roll the die. When it matches what you are looking for, you place it on your pizza. Hurry, finish the pizza before your opponent does.

Q is for Qix
Type: Arcade Game
Back in the day, you went to an arcade to play video games. This, along with Tron, was one of my favourites. The object was to surround an energy beam in the centre of the screen. In order to do this, you simply drew lines to make boxes. When the box is filled, you score points. But if the energy beam catches you before you complete the box, you lose a life. Can you completely surround the energy in boxes, or will he catch you before you can finish?

R is for Risk
Type: Board Game
Would you like to play a game? How about world domination? This is quite a safe way to control the world. And no one has to die. At least not in real life. The goal is to place troops in different countries and use those troops to battle other countries. If you can are skilled enough, you can take over other countries without losing the countries you currently hold. If you can do that one simple thing, you will control the world. Of course, your competitors are trying to do the same thing. Who will control the world, will it be you?

S is for Star Trek CCG
Type: Card Game
This is another game that relied heavily on expansion card packs you purchase in the store. The object of the game was to fly around the universe, attempt missions on various planets and score mission points. The first to 100 points wins the game. This game was unique in that you could play with any number of different factions. You could play with any number of different factions: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Borg, Ferengi, Bajoran, Cardassian and more. With different 'treaty' cards you could even play with two different factions. You start the game with one outpost and you 'report' ships and crew to that location. When you think you have a decent crew and a decent ship, you can explore the galaxy. Be careful though, different planets and missions require specific player types to complete. To complete, you might need one of many different skills, Computer Skill, Medical, Officer, Science, Security, Astrophysics and many, many more. Truly, the possibilities were endless.

T is for Trivial Pursuit
Type: Board / Trivia
How good are you at trivia? You'll find out in this game. A classic game with many different variations out now. I have a few variants including: Doctor Who, The 80's, Saturday Night Live and Star Wars. Are you as good at trivia as I am? Let's find out.

U is for Utopia
Type: Video Game
A video game that goes with the Intellivision system, this was one of my favourite games. Not only could you play with another person, you could play alone if you were bored, against the computer. Each player must build up their island to the most perfect utopia possible before time runs out. In peace mode, you each tend to your own countries and fear the awful weather patterns that transpire. Or if you want to be evil, you can create PT boats to destroy your opponents fishing boats and place rebels in their country.

V is for Vector TD
Type: Computer Game / Tower Defence
Just another version of a tower defence game. The goal is to set 'towers' which shoot at to eliminate 'creeps' that scroll across your computer board. There are various towers you can place and you can make each tower stronger.

W is for Water Works
Type: Card Game
A classic card game. One of my families favourites. In this game, you are a plumber (naming yourself Mario is optional) and must lay a set of pipes leading from the tap valve to the faucet. Your opponents will try to lay leaking pipes for you to fix. If they do so, you must repair the leak before you can proceed. Can you finish your set of pipes before everyone else?

X is for X-Wing
Type: Miniature
This is actually a game I do not have, but would love to get into it if I knew enough people that would like to play. This is also another game that relies on picking up expansion ships. As you may imagine, the goal of this game is to fly around the map destroying all the other players ships. Every possible ship you can think of can be acquired in this game (each sold separately, of course). This makes the game rather expansion to collect and play. Part of the reason I have not picked this up yet.

Y is for Yahtzee
Type: Dice Game
Yet another game I don't think I really need to explain. You don't really even need to purchase the game as long as you own five dice. The object is to get the best score. Playable with others or solo. You can purchase game sheets or you can find ones online or just simply scribble on your own scratch paper. A fun and easy game for yourself or with a small group of people.

Z is for  Zelda
Type: Video Game
Okay, so I'm cheating a little with this one. The official title is the Legend of Zelda. However, most people I know simply call it Zelda, or the Zelda series as there are many games in the Zelda series. Though most people think the lead character is named Zelda, in fact his name is Link. Your goal is to walk the land, collect various objects in your quest to complete the game. Each item helps assist you in completing the game and defeating the boss monsters, and then finally, Gannon. How long will it take you to complete the game?

Which games sounds the most interesting to you?
Do you own any of these games?
Do they sound fun?
Would you like to learn more?
Would this be a good A-Z list to expound on at another time?
Would you play / have you played any of these games?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bad News

I'm afraid I've got some bad news. I've been debating this for awhile and I've been trying to find some way around it. But for the time, I fear I need to go on another blog hiatus. No need to worry about me, I'm fine. There are just several things I need to attend to in the next few months. I'm not sure how long I'll be away, I hope not too long. Most likely, I will return in the next year. I absolutely love writing and blogging, so this decision has not been very easy for me. In truth, I'm completely gutted by it. The duties which I will be preoccupying my time with are of the highest importance to me at this time, and necessary. I hope you, my readers, my writing collogues and my internet friends will understand.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Hero; Ultra-Boy

R.a.n.t. for month of December 2016
As I was growing up, my favourite comic book was Legion of Super Heroes. One of the best heroes was names Ultra-Boy. He had many interesting powers: flight, speed, vision, invulnerability, strength. Kind of like Superman. But what set this character apart from Superman was his inability to use more than one power at a time. Superman was always boring to me because there wasn't much he couldn't do. Ultra-Boy on the other hand, had to be creative, especially if he needed to use two different powers. Imagine a super power juggling act. If he were to discover a bomb about to go off, he could deal with it in several ways. He could grab the bomb, fly off with it into the air, quickly switch to invulnerability as the bomb went off, then switch back to flying so he wouldn't fall back to Earth. Or he could simply pick the bomb up and throw it away with super strength into space.

But I don't have super powers. That's not the way I seem to be like Ultra-Boy lately. Lately, it seems I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. I have many interests, as regular readers are well aware. I'm a writer and photographer who also enjoys learning a second language, blogging and gaming. But I tend to do only one at a time. When I'm into my blogging, I rarely do much writing (yes the two are vastly different). My photography and language skills also tend to fall by the way-side. I don't mean, I try to do more than one thing at one time, I'm pretty much talking about within a set time frame. Let's say, weeks or months. Well, now I've got a new distraction. For the past few months, I've been trying to lose weight. Depression is something I battle with and many many times I turn to comfort food. I've been cutting out almost all forms of junk-food and walking a 5K two to three time a week. I'm proud to say I've been very successful so far. In the span of 5 weeks, I've lost 20 pounds. And yet, I have so much more to go.

So, to my readers I must say this. Please bear with me. I know at times I get behind in visiting my blogging buddies, and bad at commenting, but I'm working on one thing and finding it difficult to manage doing the other things I love. Don't worry, I'll get to it. Like my hero Ultra-Boy, I just need to learn to be more creative. I just need to learn to juggle better. Perhaps my blogging colleague, Arlee could give me a few pointers?

Some questions for discussion.
What super hero can you identify yourself as?
If you could pick one super power, what would it be?
Have you / Do you read comic books? If so, what is your favourite title(s)?
Have you ever felt too lazy to work on a favourite projects? How do you handle this?
Do you do 5k's or half or full marathons?

Please note:
My next Battle of the Bands will be December 15th

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It's a great way to keep in touch apart from leaving comments here.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Battle of the Bands Results - That's Entertainment

Usually, I hate when battles are clearly one sided. This battle was another one-sided battle. But for once, I don't mind. You are probably wondering why I don't mind so much. Well, I'll tell you. But first the results of the first round.
Morrissey came out fighting right away. It looked like he was going to run away with it at first, but in the end, the competitor received a vote.
Morrissey votes: Alex, FAE, Debbie & Shady
Michael Anthony Austin votes: Janet
Morrissey leads 4-1

So why is it I'm not that broken hearted about a landslide of a battle? Could it be my friends favourite artist won and I'm happy for her? Again, I'll answer that in a second, but first the second round results.
As expected, a complete run-away.
Morrissey votes: Mary, Crystal, Spacer Guy, Stephen & holli.
Morrissey leads 9-1

You didn't really expect me to reveal the answer to those above questions in this paragraph, did you? OF course not. Because to be honest, it's possible my friends favourite artist lost and I'm happy because, like last post, I'm being facetious and annoying. But am I really that crass?
Third round was more of a battle. Now that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it.
Morrissey votes: Chrys, Cathy & Robin
Michael Anthony Austin votes: G.B.Miller & Stephanie Faris
Morrissey leads 12-3

Yes, I know. I keep so many things secret. It must be infuriating for even you, the reader. So where was I? Oh yea, the final round and results. As you might have figured, this round was another victory for Morrissey. Which means, of course...
Morrissey votes: Michele, Birgit, Cherdo, mike & Kim
Michael Anthony Austin votes: Arlee

Winner's Circle
With a final score of 17-4
Congratulations to Morrissey

Were you able to guess which artist was my friends favourites? If you said it was Morrissey, you win an additional half point this round. See? I was being nice this time.
Now enjoy the winning song, hand selected by my friend Kimberly.

Top Comments

Shady Del Knight - I found Michael Anthony Austin's vocals irritating while those of Morrissey were easier on my ears. The Morrissey version was more melodic and I appreciated the echo FX and harmony.

Janet Miles - Count me in for Michael Anthony Austin, I felt it was more true to the original. The Morrissey one was going to put me to sleep.

diedre Knight - Yep, it's Morrissey for me! He managed to make the sounds (lyrics) of screaming sirens and screeching tires much less alarming.

Spacer Guy - I think Morrissey' has a chorus or something backing his vocals up which is why his musical flow sounds better than Austin.

holli - Morrissey - definitely Morrissey!!! I love him and always have. I love the 80's!!

G. B. Miller - I never got into Morrissey when I old enough to listen to his stuff to begin with (weird UK new wave/emo never appealed to me) and the other gentleman I've never heard of. Having said that, anyone who can turn a song into a very good acoustic version always gets the nod in my book, so by default, the gentleman opposing Morrissey the militant vegan gets my vote.

Stephanie Faris - I'm going to go with Michael Anthony Austin. His voice just draws you in and the song is more upbeat, even though I've never heard of him before. I always go with the more upbeat version of a song!

Kim Trucksess - Morrissey's version of most cover songs aren't as good as his original songs, so I was ready to be unbiased despite being a fan. But alas, I'm voting for the Moz. The other version by Michael Anthony Austin wasn't too bad, actually, because I didn't mind the high vocals. (Morrissey's vocals can be just as high and even include some yodeling on occasion...so that didn't bother me too much.

Please note: My next battle will held December 15th.
Once again, thanks to everyone who stopped by and placed a vote.
See you next battle.
Who will you vote for?
What song will I choose?
Which artists will battle it out?
Stay tuned.

Don't forget to visit the other participants in the Battle of the Band to see who won their battles.

Are you currently in the BOTB and don't see your name in the list above? Let me know in comments and I'll include it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Battle of the Bands - That's Entertainment

For years, one of my friends has been raving about a particular musical artist. I've never really given the artist much thought. But, I am hosting musical battles, so how can I not use the artist my friend enjoys more than all others? Well, the time for that battle has finally arrived.

Without getting too much into our conversation on the matter, she was somewhat apprehensive I use her favourite artist in an upcoming battle. In part, it may have been in jest. But it's just as likely she has a fear her artist will not rise victoriously.

Should I respect her suggestion I don't use her favourite artist? Nahhhh! Despite her hesitation, I am going along with this battle. Because, hey, what are friends for?

Kim, this one is for you. And don't forget to place your vote! Everyone else? You know what to do.

For reference only: The Jam - That's Entertainment

The two musical contenders for this Battle of the Bands are below.
Please listen to both and tell me who you like best.

Michael Anthony Austin


Those are the two contenders. Ignoring the actual videos, who do you think performs the song best? I collected the two bands to battle it out, now it's your job to vote on your favourite. Please list your preferred song choice in the comments. Additionally, let me know why you feel the way you do. Voting ends on the 22nd when I'll cast my vote (if needed) and announce the winner in a separate posting.

Additional Questions:
Have you ever done something to annoy one of your friends? In a joking sort of way?
Has a friend ever suggested a musical artist to you, that you came to enjoy?
What was your favourite bread spread as a child?

Please note:
My first BOTB in December will be on the 15th. I will be skipping the first battle of the month so I can concentrate on more writing.

If you enjoyed this Battle of the Bands feature, don't forget to visit the other participants in the Battle of the Band to see what sort of music they are featuring. You will certainly be entertained, so click on their links below.

Don't forget to visit the other participants in the Battle of the Band to see who won their battles.

Are you currently in the BOTB and don't see your name in the list above? Let me know in comments and I'll include it.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Random Rants - IV

R.a.n.t. of month November, 2016
It's coming back! That's right, my R.A.N.T. feature is coming back. I've gotten so engrossed in musical posts lately, I've let my other love (ranting) fall by the way-side. Well, it's finally back.

And what better way to get into the swing of things, than with my annual Random Rants feature. Yes, every 13 month I head over to Twitter and give the job of ranting to you. (Can you believe this is the fourth year)? It's fun listening to other people rant for a change and I don't have to do the hard work of preparing a rant. Truth be told, it's a lot more work than coming up with my own. And, of course, I try to come up with some humorous and/or witty responses.

Note: I didn't say I'm successful (at writing humorous and witty), I said I try.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Random) Random Rants
@stinestinks - I like to rant. I was on Big Brother 16 or something.
You like to rant too? I knew there was a reason I liked you season 16.

@chakri_iiith - Life, is sometimes like the game Jenga, you make one wrong move and it all comes crashing down.
I always thought life was more like the Game of Life from Milton Bradley.

@hello_andi - when I feel like waiting 2 hours, have none of my questions answered, and leave with a still-glitching phone, I visit a #sprint store
Now I know where to go when I feel like that next time.

@rahimaxarsenal - I don't understand people who plagiarise jokes and pass them off as their own. I may be unfunny but at least I'm original.
I agree, it's as ridiculous as a box of Grape Nuts. I looked inside a box once, no grapes, no nuts. What's the deal with that?

@TARDISArchives - I can't watch a scene of Doctor Who with Donna Noble in it without the urge to rant about how AMAZING SHE IS
(rant) I do not think that word means what you think it means.
(But I agree, Donna is amazing!)

Grammar Department
@MarkMolloy - I really dislike writing "that that" in a sentence - how is this allowed in the English language?
It's not that that is allowed, it's that some people don't care how awkward it sounds. Trust me, there are worse things afflicting the English language...

@summertimedrive - Here's the think like you know what you're doing dude like you're not dumb you
...for example this sentence. I think my IQ just dropped 10 points.

@deanashraf - So I can be trusted to pay for all items I pick up in a shop, but I have to ask for a 5p bag? I KNOW THEY'RE ARE 5P IT'S BEEN A YEAR
And then... "They are are". Almost as bad as Michael Scott's "ASAP as possible."

Time is Money Department
@davidmarsh - Do you have time critical information to pass on? Just send an email and then sit around for hours waiting without saying a word.
Sorry about that. I guess an email was not the best way to let everyone know the building was on fire.

@AldWells - If you wanted something urgently don't give it to me two days ago knowing it takes two days to setup.
The building is on fire. Is it too late to ask you to install the smoke alarms today?

@HYost_Photo - Pricing goes a lot father than just for the photos. You're paying for my time, travel & editing. Good photography isn't cheap.
Speaking of editing (perhaps this should be in the grammar department), what does your father have to do with your photography?

Coffee Department
@lpatrao - Coffee with a huge dose of some rudeness from someone this morning. So unnecessary.
I guess your barista didn't have her cup of coffee that morning?

@sniperkc - " DO YOU NEED A CUP HOLDER " nah Ima walk all 5 of these drinks in the house with my hands
If you can balance all five on top of each other, I'd pay $10.00 to see that. Could you please?

@natshane - Popcorn, headphones, coffee and a good book. Then you realise, you have work tomorrow.
Gee thanks a lot! Here I was enjoying my rants article and you had to remind me I have work tomorrow.

@milda_cup - @FDNCoffee your WiFi is a joke! Came in to do some work and couldn't connect! Also music in clubs is quieter than here! Not OK!!!
If their WIFI is a joke, I wonder if I could use it to help me write better jokes. No, I agree, probably not. Nothing can help improve my lame jokes.

@Skegee_Man - The worse ones are the parents who have on the new shoes, fancy clothes, fancy car, but complain about $3. $50 worth of starbucks tho.
According to the film Back to the Future, Starbucks is supposed to cost $50 a cup. I can't imagine that. I still complain about $3 Starbucks. 

Parking Department
@Kendal_22 - I'm glad I paid $140.00 to park on campus and it takes me 30 minutes to find a spot
For my humorous comment on parking, click HERE for a short poem I wrote last year. You must read and see if you agree.

@iMello12 - Why do we have to pay parking at the hospital or no parking at the emergency? "Okie, I'm almost dying but first lemme pay my parking"
How am I supposed to make jokes if you already include one on your rant?

@alternajock33 - For the people that dont have the street numbers for their house posted for people to find you, you are a horrible person
You should see me looking for house numbers at night. I have to use a pair of binoculars. And yes, I have been reported to the police a number of times. 

Driving Department
@drdrehole - Yield does not mean come to a complete stop when you're in a merging lane that's a half mile long and the speed limit is 45.
It's either that, or people ignore the yield sign altogether. "What yield sign? I don't see no sign." Where's Bill Engvall when you need him?

@Brady_01 - Beet truck drivers can drive a man to the brink of insanity.
When I was married, my ex-wife drove me to drink all the time. Then when I was done, she came and picked me up.

@Al_Apun - Tho there's a lot of roundabouts here but people still fails to use common sense. They'd stop even tho d incoming car is miles away.
Were they looking for a yield sign?

@AmandaKingcup66 - when did it become a choice whether to stop for a red light??!
I must have missed the notification too. I guess peoples lives don't matter much to some people. And how much time are they really saving? 30 seconds? Where are they going they need an extra 30 seconds?

Restaurant Department
And certainly don't order food if you are not going to tip. Honestly, don't you wish you knew in advance who is not going to tip?

@emmypickle18 - PSA: Please don't tip your waitress/waiter in change, you are not helping them out, and it never leaves their apron or change pouch!
My friend and I shared a hotel once for a convention we were at. Every morning he kept leaving a few dollars and some change for a tip. At night the bills would be gone but the change remained. I kept trying to explain to him why, but he never got it. Finally, on the last day, he left five dollars in quarters. After he left, I picked up the quarters and left a five dollar bill instead. (On top of the tip I was leaving, of course).

@fan_breakeven - ... because of course the point of takeaway is to order something 1-2 days after you actually want to eat it. What a joke
It wouldn't be such a bad thing if you were a traveller. Somehow, I'm guessing you are not.

Technology Department
@k8seren - As an IT person, I hate Adobe programs. I can't figure them out, the licensing is confusing, and they take 6 years to install.
Have you tried turning it off and on again?

@FrogMichaels - Pet hate: when ppl try to make their #twitter profile interesting with varied, random facts. 'Tofu, yoga & knitting'. Stop it!‏
So what's your stand on random rants?

@LauraSeeber - Anyone else get annoyed by pop ups that block the web content? If you want to lose me as a potential customer, this is how.
I have no pop-ups on my blog. Is that enough to retain you as a reader?

@Larooooon - Replacing the pistol emoji with a water gun was such a great decision. I'm sure that's really gonna cut down on gun violence.
Water guns can be dangerous. If they are filled with acid, and you are the Joker.

@browncoatgrimm - only recently started referring to emoji's as "emoji's". they were emoticons back in my day,
Back in my day, we didn't even have emoticons, we had to smile with our face. You kids today are so spoiled.

@sheilajoymags - #rant rant rant rant rant Rant Rant Rant Rant Rant Now that's how you rant on social media
So I've been doing it wrong all these years?